Allan Block Retaining Walls

Allan Block is the best block on the market for mortarless masonry construction of retaining walls, courtyard and fence systems. Allan Block is the key to the long-lasting wall systems and it also adds beauty to your landscaping.

Compare to other blocks, Allan Block has the best track record for structural stability of all modular block wall products.

  • It provides a continuous shear key that is molded into the block, which produces the best interlock between each course of block. 
  • Moving water away from any retained soil mass is critical to the success of any retaining wall.  
  • In addition to a drain field behind the wall, the hollow core of the Allan Blocks provides an alternate path for water to flow and drain away from the retained soil. 
  • The built in design features of Allan Block allow for the safe and effective construction of taller gravity walls, when compared with other modular block systems.
  • Allan Block has zero documented wall failures attributed to product design.